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Our History


E.E Systems founder ExpoditeExpressLLC is originally founded by a young entrepreneur with experience in working in secured facilities. As a young man growing up in the Tampa Bay area, he considered himself optimist, he seen the opportunity in every difficulty. Always thinking of a better way to operate varies businesses in a convenient way and what local businesses wasn't providing for the community, it was there that he started his own career into the world of entrepreneurship.  

There he created the ExpoditeExpressSystem,a business like no other business offering to the public or to the State of Florida. The unique idea about the system and what makes us different from any other software system in the industry is that family members and friends can now send letters, photographs, send visitation forms, stamps and envelopes to inmates in the State of Florida Correctional Institutions at the push of a button. The architecture format for this program is built to be sure that ExpoditeExpressSystems's exist so that family members can reach out with a quicker delivery and get a faster respond.

Family communication with loved ones which are incarcerated in the State of Florida Institutions is our main focus. Inmates will be able to receive letters and photos of new born photos, ultrasound photos, family photos, any other photo that is appropriate, Greeting cards for birthdays, father’s day, Christmas, New year’s, first day of school photos (kids), graduation, marriage photos.